Your Tax Credit Specialists

MVM Associates, Inc. is a Leader in Securing, Managing, and Selling Tax Credits for Companies Throughout the United States.


We identify incentives that are available and take the proper initial steps to ensure our clients qualify.

Established Businesses
We provide a start-to-finish process to make sure you qualify for your credits and that they are properly sold for a maximum return.
Specialty Businesses

Whether in film, manufacturing, IT, real estate, historic, or other, we are the experts in understanding the specifics of your industry’s credits.


Buying Tax Credits

We have tax credits available to lower your tax liability. We only work with secured credits. This means the state guarantees that the credits can not be reclaimed after the sale.

Selling Tax Credits

Identifying & matching your tax credits with our pool of buyers. We negotiate the price to yield the best value for your tax credits. We handle the application process, agreement of sale, and even transfer of funds into your account.

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